If you have had a positive pregnancy test, an obstetrical ultrasound is the next step. At Southside Pregnancy Center, we offer a complete Pregnancy Evaluation that includes a medical grade pregnancy test followed by an ultrasound.

A limited obstetrical ultrasound provides a medical diagnosis of your pregnancy. Through ultrasound, our experienced medical team will also be able to detect any health or safety concerns for the woman.

Our ultrasounds are performed by a licensed nurse and reviewed by our Medical Director who has local hospital admitting privileges.

Because our medical doctor has admitting privileges, it ensures the best practices and safety of all women under medical care at our center. If there is reason for concern, you will be referred to the local hospital for further evaluation.

During an Ultrasound, our team is looking to:

  • Determine if there is a viable pregnancy
  • Determine the length of pregnancy
  • Ensure there is not reason for concern (such as an ectopic pregnancy) that requires immediate or further medical evaluation.

Once an Ultrasound is performed and reviewed, our experienced team will be able to provide pregnancy confirmation.

All our services are offered at NO CHARGE with 100% CONFIDENTIALITY. Schedule your pregnancy evaluation today!

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